3 Reasons Small Restaurants Should Invest In Hamburger Moulder Equipment

As a small restaurant, you may be hesitant to invest in equipment that may be unnecessary for your business. Hamburger moulder equipment is worth the investment because it has many advantages over making patties by hand that can help your business.


The most obvious benefit of a hamburger moulder is that it is more efficient than making each patty by hand. If your business makes hamburgers to order, the process can make customers wait longer for their burger. When your business is busy, shaving off a few minutes from each order can make a difference between a positive and negative customer experience. If your business is primarily a burger restaurant, the process of making burgers can be less taxing on employees and allow them to move on to other tasks or orders promptly. Burger patties can be made in advance and simply separated with wax paper and stored for future use.


Consistency is also important for burgers, especially since customers will reorder a good burger and expect the same experience. When burgers are consistent in both size and thickness, it also improves the cooking process for each burger because they will take roughly the same amount of time to reach the desired doneness. A consistent burger also means each customer is getting the true value for each order, without some customers receiving smaller or thinner burgers than others.


Moulder equipment can improve the quality of your burgers overall. For example, a common issue that can occur with burgers is the inability to estimate the finished size of a patty once it has been cooked. You can work on determining how large the raw patty must be to adequately fit the bun once cooked. This can eliminate the frustration of receiving a burger that is mostly bread and toppings, with little meat. Typically, this will improve the customer's experience and eliminate a common frustration.

Another aspect of quality that can be important is the amount of manipulation and the temperature of patties. If the meat is manipulated too much, it may result in a tougher burger and one without the desired texture. Similarly, patties that are not manipulated enough may not hold together during cooking. Using a moulder allows you to create patties and keep them stored at a cooler temperature, which can also help them hold together during cooking.

Hamburger moulders can substantially improve the results of of burgers at small restaurants. Investing in the necessary equipment can provide your employees and customers with a better experience.

To learn more, contact a resource that carries hamburger moulder equipment.