Are You In Charge Of The Food For A Company Meeting?

Are you the head of a department at your place of business? Perhaps you are a secretary or an assistant who is often given extra responsibilities. Whatever the case, if you are in charge of the food for an upcoming company meeting, you probably have mixed emotions. On the one hand, it might be a bit of a pain-in-the-neck to organize all the food you'll need. On the other hand, it might be fun for you to plan something unique that will be remembered by all who attend the company meeting. From muffins and fruit for breakfast to having coffee roasters during the entire duration of the meeting, here are some ideas that might help you.

Write It Down - As soon as you have been given the assignment of planning the food for your company meeting, start writing things down. For example, you might get the idea that ordering muffins right at your own grocery store would be a good way to start the meeting. Write that idea down. Then write down additions to those muffins. For example, an easy start-lof-the-day menu would be muffins, assorted fruits and yogurts, and beverages. Don't forget the coffee! Some people will more than likely be depending on that important feature.

Consider renting coffee roasters. Of course, if you will be having frequent meetings that will involve food, then it might be a good idea to actually buy at least one or two coffee roasters that will be used over and over again. Whether you buy or rent, think of having different types of coffee available for those who attend your meeting. Write down the kinds of coffee that you want to include so that you can be sure to have them ready at the time of the meeting.

Food Selections - How long will the meeting last? Of course, if it's just a morning meeting, you've already got that covered with your muffin idea. However, if it's a meeting that will last during the entire day, you'll want to plan for lunch and even snacks for break times. For lunch, consider ordering sack lunches that will include a sandwich, a fruit cup, chips and a brownie for dessert.

For breaks, think of having bowls of fresh fruits and wrapped granola bars that don't have to be refrigerated. Of course, keep those coffee roasters going. Not only will the coffee be a welcome wake-up beverage, but it will be great with whatever you serve. Consider having decaf available for those who want the taste of coffee, but not the caffeine.  

For more information on choosing coffee or your meetings, contact your local coffee roasters.