2 Fryer Accessories That Will Transform Your Menu

Any new restaurant owner understands the importance of creating a little buzz about their menu. Unfortunately, even the most talented culinary team can struggle with a bland, predictable menu. However, you might be able to do more with that new fryer in the back than just whipping up some gourmet herb fries. Here are two fryer accessories that will transform your menu into something special:

1: Frying Molds

When any type of food hits the hot oil of your commercial fryer, it will start to shake and sizzle as the exterior cooks to a golden brown. While this movement doesn't matter much when your fryer is full of loose items like french fries, it can destroy a carefully formed taco salad bowl in an instant. To control the movement, some chefs decide to turn the temperature down, which only results in oily, grease-soaked foods.

However, you might be able to leave that heat at the right temperature without dealing with destroyed foods by using frying molds. These devices are created to keep food in place during the cooking process, so that you can create tasty, consistent products. Here are a few frying molds and how you can use them:

  • Taco Shells: To form crispy, fresh taco shells from scratch, you can use a taco shell mold to fry fresh tortillas. These devices act like a cage to hold several tortillas in their curved form during the frying process.
  • Bowl Mold: If you want to make any plate a little more special, consider investing in a bowl mold. These nifty devices contain two half-domed frying baskets that stack together to help you to create delicious fried bowls. You might be able to use that bowl mold to make a small fried cookie basket for your dessert menu, or you could even line your bowl mold with bacon to make an interesting serving tray for that garden salad.
  • Cannoli Tubes: Are you dying to create golden brown cannolis for your guests? Cannoli tubes are simply long, hollow, metal tubes that you can wrap dough around before it hits the fryer. However, you can use cannoli molds to create fried stuffed breadsticks or beautiful garnishes.

After you pick up a few frying molds, don't be afraid to get a little creative. By serving the foods people love in a different way, you might be able to make a mark on their memory.

2: Cake Doughnut Dispenser

Making your breakfast menu special can be tough. In an effort to create a nostalgic feel, your chefs may have experimented with made-from-scratch cake doughnuts glazed with fascinating toppings. Unfortunately, cake doughnut batter is a lot more liquid than most people realize, which can make those moist confections an impossibility. However, if you invest in a cake doughnut dispenser, all of your culinary dreams can come true.

Cake doughnut dispensers are designed to deposit very moist batters directly into the hot oil, pre-formed in a nice doughnut shape. Because the batter will start to cook immediately, you won't have to worry about the shape changing. After a simple flip of your doughnut stick, those cake doughnuts will be soft on the inside and delightfully crisp on the outside.

However, you don't have to save your cake doughnut dispenser for the breakfast shift. You can use these great devices to create savory selections throughout the day. You might be able to fill your doughnut dispenser with beignet dough to make a delightful cheese and herb infused "doughnut" to use with those sliders. You can use your doughnut dispenser to deposit any dough that is too soft to handle into your fryer.

Getting creative with your deep fryer might help your restaurant to stand out, so that you can impress those foodies and gain an impressive following. Check out this go to site for more information.